MASHR Features

Simple to use
Simple to use
The MASHR app has been designed to be operated by people with minimal IT skills with a particular focus of being used in the field.

A simple traffic light system is used to flag staff competencies, hazards or incidents that need attention.
Works Offline
Both the MASHR Cloud app and the Standalone app can work offline.

When the Cloud app reconnects to either the WiFi or mobile network it will synchonise data with the server thus send and receive the lastest updates from other tablets.
Custom reports can be run. For example a report can be run to summarise which staff have licences, certificates or training that are about to expire.
Staff Management
Staff details can be entered along with photos, visas, licencies, employment agreements, medical certificates, Kiwi saver, bank account details, emergency contacts, PPE issued etc
Hazard Management
Hazards can be recorded along with photos. The hazards can be marked on a map along with a person responsible for putting in place any controls required.
Incident Management
Incidents can be recorded along with photos. The incidents can be associated with a hazard and a person responsible for closing the incident.
Staff Competencies
Staff Competencies
Staff competencies e.g. health and safety training and certificates can be entered.

Notes and expiry dates can be added so that a simple traffic light system can be used to flag staff competencies, hazards or incidents that need attention.
Meetings e.g. tool box meetings can be recorded along with attendees, photos and other associated documents.
Andriod tablet
Android phone or tablet
The MASHR app has been designed to work on an Android phone or tablet.

Which MASHR App, Cloud or Standalone?

Two different MASHR apps are offered, a Standalone App and a Cloud App. Both are designed to be used on an Android tablet.
If you expect to use only one tablet then the Standalone App is a good option to consider. It provides most of the functionality that is offered by the Cloud App with the exception that reports can not be generated.
If more than one tablet is going to be used then the Cloud App is probably the best option as the data is shared between tablets.
Another important consideration is whether you intend to take responsibilty for backing up the data stored on the tablet. With the Cloud option, data is automagically backed up on to servers so if you lose the tablet the data can be easily restored on to another tablet. With the Standalone option, data can be backed up and restored from a SD card or alternatively to a storage service such as Dropbox however this requires additional setup.

Comparison of available features

Staff details Staff training/
Hazards Hazard map Incidents Meetings Reports Works offline Multi tablet
Cloud App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standalone App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No